6 Best Catering In Islamabad

Islamabad’s vibrant social scene thrives on delicious catering. But with a multitude of options, finding the perfect service can be overwhelming. This guide simplifies your search by curating some of Islamabad’s most celebrated caterers.

Choosing a caterer involves key considerations: the variety of cuisines offered, pricing packages, customer service reputation, and any specializations (dietary restrictions, event planning).

Best Catering In Islamabad

1. Hanif Rajput Caterers

Renowned for their impeccable quality and service, Hanif Rajput Caterers offer a vast selection of Pakistani and international cuisines. From traditional favorites to innovative fusion dishes, they cater to every taste bud.

Phone Number(051) 111 474 747
Opening HoursSaturday: 11 AM – 6 PM, Sunday: 12 PM – 5 PM, Weekdays: 10 AM – 7 PM

2. The Golden Memories Food & Caterers

Specializing in high-end events, The Golden Memories takes pride in its meticulous attention to detail. They offer a personalized approach, crafting custom menus with flawless execution, ensuring a truly unforgettable experience.

Opening HoursSaturday – Thursday: 9 AM – 8 PM, Friday: Closed

3. Naveed Caterers & Event Management

Known for their delectable Pakistani cuisine and exceptional customer service, Naveed Caterers provides a seamless experience. They offer flexible packages and cater to various event sizes, making them a versatile choice.

Phone Number0311 9587828
Opening Hours24 Hours

4. Khana Khazana Catering

Embark on a culinary adventure with Khana Khazana. They provide a world of cuisines, from Pakistani and Mughlai to Pan-Asian and Continental. Their expertise extends beyond catering, offering event planning and venue selection, ensuring a holistic event experience.

AddressIslamabad – Rawalpindi

5. Tandoori Caterers & Event Management

Tandoori Caterers infuses their passion for Pakistani cuisine into every dish. They are known for their focus on fresh, high-quality ingredients, creating a delightful and authentic culinary experience.

AddressShop no. 11, 20A Jasmine Plaza, G8, Markaz Rd, G 8/2, Islamabad
Phone Number+923470707777

6. Capital Caterer & Decorators

Planning a wedding or a grand celebration? Capital Caterer & Decorators goes beyond just food. They provide a holistic experience, offering exquisite catering alongside stunning décor services.

AddressIslamabad & Rawalpindi

Question And Answer

  1. What are the top-rated catering services in Islamabad?
    • Ans: “Some of the best catering services in Islamabad include XYZ Caterers and ABC Events, known for their exceptional quality and service.”
  2. How much does catering cost in Islamabad?
    • Ans: “Catering costs in Islamabad vary depending on the menu and guest count, typically ranging from PKR 500 to PKR 2000 per person.”
  3. Which catering service offers the best Pakistani cuisine in Islamabad?
    • Ans: “Many locals recommend ZZZ Caterers for their authentic Pakistani dishes, acclaimed for their taste and presentation.”
  4. What are the popular wedding catering options in Islamabad?
    • Ans: “For weddings, WXY Caterers and DEF Events are highly sought-after in Islamabad, offering diverse menus and impeccable service.”
  5. Are there any budget-friendly catering options in Islamabad?
    • Ans: “Yes, GHI Caterers and JKL Events are known for providing quality catering services at reasonable prices, suitable for various budgets.”


This guide aimed to equip you with a launchpad for finding the perfect catering service in Islamabad. Explore, compare, and savor the delicious possibilities your event holds!

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