4 Best Chai In Rawalpindi

Finding the perfect cup of chai in Rawalpindi can be a delightful yet overwhelming task. With countless cafes and stalls boasting their unique brews, how do you choose? Worry not, chai connoisseurs! This guide presents some of Rawalpindi’s most celebrated chai destinations to help you on your quest.

But before we embark on this flavorful journey, consider these factors:

  • Variety: Do they offer a diverse selection of chai types, from classic Doodh Patti to fragrant Kashmiri chai?
  • Ambiance: Are you seeking a lively atmosphere or a more relaxed setting to savor your chai?
  • Price: Does the price point fit your budget?
  • Service: Is customer service a priority for you?

Best Chai In Rawalpindi

1. Chaaye Khana

Chaaye Khana, meaning “tea house,” lives up to its name by offering a delightful selection of desi chai options alongside a hearty food menu. Their friendly service and lively atmosphere, sometimes featuring live music nights, make it a perfect spot for catching up with friends over a steaming cup.

AddressSaddar Area
Opening HoursLikely similar to most cafes: 10 AM – 10 PM

2. Quetta Chai Coffee

Calling all Karak chai enthusiasts! Quetta Chai Coffee boasts a loyal following for their rich and flavorful Matka chai, served in traditional clay pots. Their 24/7 operation makes it a convenient choice for any chai craving, day or night.

AddressBagh Sardaran
Phone Number0346 7026381
Opening Hours24/7

3. Chai Chubara

Experience the magic of traditional chai at Chai Chubara. Their focus on authentic recipes and quality ingredients ensures a flavorful and satisfying cup. The open-air seating provides a unique and refreshing atmosphere, perfect for enjoying your chai on a pleasant evening.

Phone Number(051) 2716247
Opening Hours4 PM – 1 AM

4. Tandoori Chaye & Coffee

Tandoori Chaye & Coffee offers a delightful selection of chai options alongside a menu of light snacks and beverages. Their focus on fresh ingredients and a warm ambiance creates a welcoming space to unwind and enjoy a cup of chai.

Opening Hours8 AM – 10 PM

Question And Answer

1. Where can I find the best chai in Rawalpindi?

The best chai in Rawalpindi can be found at Chai Kada, a popular spot known for its aromatic and flavorful tea. Another notable place is Chai Shai, which offers a cozy ambiance and a variety of chai options.

2. What makes chai in Rawalpindi unique?

Chai in Rawalpindi is unique due to its rich blend of traditional spices and high-quality tea leaves. The local preparation methods add a distinctive taste that sets it apart from other regions.

3. Are there any famous chai spots in Rawalpindi?

Yes, famous chai spots in Rawalpindi include Chikachino and Tehzeeb Bakers, both renowned for their delicious chai. These places are favorites among locals and visitors alike.

4. How much does a cup of chai cost in Rawalpindi?

A cup of chai in Rawalpindi typically costs between 50 to 100 PKR, depending on the location and type of chai. Premium tea houses may charge slightly more for their specialty blends.

5. Can I get different flavors of chai in Rawalpindi?

Yes, Rawalpindi offers a variety of chai flavors such as masala chai, karak chai, and Kashmiri chai. Many tea spots customize their blends to cater to diverse tastes and preferences.Question And Answer


Remember to research and compare prices before placing an order, especially when using delivery apps. This guide aimed to be your starting point for exploring the vibrant chai scene in Rawalpindi. So, grab a cup, explore these hidden gems, and embark on your own delightful chai adventure!

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