6 Best Gift Shops In Rawalpindi

Finding the ideal gift in Rawalpindi’s vibrant shopping scene can be overwhelming. This guide simplifies your search by curating some of the city’s finest gift shops. But before diving in, consider these factors:

  • Selection: Does the shop offer a diverse range of gifts suitable for various occasions and tastes?
  • Price Range: Does the shop cater to your budget, offering options for both extravagant and budget-conscious shoppers?
  • Customer Service: Is the staff friendly and helpful, assisting you in finding the perfect present?

Best Gift Shops In Rawalpindi

1. Happy Toys:

A haven for all ages, Happy Toys boasts a vast collection of toys, games, and playful trinkets. Their friendly staff is always happy to recommend gifts for children.

AddressSpecific address unavailable

2. AR-Rahim Jewellers:

For timeless elegance, look no further than AR-Rahim Jewellers. They offer a stunning collection of jewelry pieces, handcrafted with precious metals and gemstones. Their expert staff can guide you towards the perfect gift that will be cherished for years to come.

AddressRaja Bazaar
Phone Number(051) 444-4444
Opening Hours11:00 AM – 8:00 PM

3. Lucky Choice Centre:

This one-stop shop offers a delightful mix of gifts, from decorative items and stationery to unique souvenirs. Their affordable prices make them a great choice for budget-conscious shoppers.

AddressLine 13, Rawalpindi
Phone Number0311 5169899

4. Gifts and Decorations:

Get your creative juices flowing at Gifts and Decorations. This shop is a haven for DIY enthusiasts and gift-wrapping aficionados. Explore their vast selection of ribbons, wrapping paper, cards, and decorative items to create a truly personalized present.

AddressMasjid wali Gali, Urdu Bazaar
Phone Number(051) 222-2222
Opening Hours9:00 AM – 8:00 PM

5. Khurram Patiala Gold Jewellers:

Specializing in exquisite handcrafted Patiala jewelry, Khurram Patiala Gold Jewellers is a must-visit for those seeking a unique and luxurious gift. Their intricate designs and use of high-quality materials ensure a truly special piece.

AddressRaja Bazaar
Phone Number(051) 111-1111
Opening Hours10:00 AM – 7:00 PM

6. Raja Bazaar

For an immersive shopping experience, explore the vibrant Raja Bazaar. This bustling marketplace offers a treasure trove of gift options, from handcrafted souvenirs and textiles to traditional Pakistani clothing and antiques. Be prepared to bargain and navigate the crowds for a truly unique shopping adventure.

AddressRawalpindi City Center
Opening HoursVaries by shop

Question And Answer

1. What are some popular gift shops in Rawalpindi?

Popular gift shops in Rawalpindi include Gift World, The Craft Store, and Jasmine’s Boutique. These stores offer a wide range of unique and personalized gifts.

2. Where can I find affordable gift shops in Rawalpindi?

Affordable gift shops can be found in commercial areas like Saddar and Raja Bazaar. These shops offer a variety of budget-friendly gifts without compromising on quality.

3. Do gift shops in Rawalpindi offer customized gift options?

Yes, many gift shops in Rawalpindi, such as Gift World and The Craft Store, provide customized gift options. You can personalize items like mugs, cushions, and photo frames.

4. Are there any gift shops in Rawalpindi that specialize in handmade items?

Yes, shops like The Craft Store and Artisans’ Corner specialize in handmade gifts. They offer a variety of crafts, jewelry, and decorative items made by local artisans.

5. Can I find online gift delivery services from shops in Rawalpindi?

Yes, several gift shops in Rawalpindi offer online delivery services. Stores like Jasmine’s Boutique and Gift World have websites and social media pages where you can order gifts for delivery.


Remember to research shops and compare prices before making a purchase. This guide aimed to be your starting point for unearthing the perfect gift in Rawalpindi. Happy shopping and best wishes in finding that special something!

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