6 Best Play Area In Islamabad

Islamabad offers a wealth of play areas for children, but choosing the right one can be overwhelming. With options ranging from indoor entertainment centers to scenic parks, how do you know where to take your little ones for a fun-filled day? Worry not, parents! This guide curates some of Islamabad’s top play areas to make your decision easier.

Before you embark on your playdate adventure, consider these factors: age of your child (facilities may cater to specific age groups), variety of activities offered (climbing structures, swings, arcade games, etc.), budget (entrance fees and food costs can vary), and location (convenience and accessibility).

Best Play Area In Islamabad

1. We Play Entertainment Center:

This expansive indoor wonderland caters to children of all ages. Boasting a jungle gym, trampolines, arcade games, and a dedicated toddler area, We Play offers endless entertainment possibilities. Their friendly staff ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

Address0.7 KM from Margala Road to, 4 Service Rd E-11
Phone Number0333 0100201
Opening HoursMon-Thurs: 2 PM – 10 PM, Fri-Sat: 12 PM – 11 PM, Sun: 12 PM – 10 PM

2. Kids Play Area, F-9 Park:

This family-friendly park offers a dedicated playground featuring classic favorites like swings, slides, and a merry-go-round. Sprawling green lawns and a serene atmosphere make it ideal for picnics and outdoor play.

Address Islamabad
Phone Number(public park)
Opening HoursOpen 24 hours

3. Lake View Park:

This scenic park offers a playground alongside a picturesque lake. Children can enjoy the play area while parents take in the stunning views. Boating options are also available for a fun family outing.

AddressMurree Rd, Lake View Park, Islamabad
Phone Number (public park)
Opening HoursOpen 24 hours

4. Fun City Islamabad

This amusement park offers a mix of thrilling rides, arcade games, and play areas suitable for all ages. Fun City is ideal for families seeking a full day of entertainment. While there’s an entrance fee, it provides access to most rides and attractions.

AddressKashmir Highway
Phone Number(051) 2501454
Opening HoursWeekdays 4 PM – 10 PM, Weekends 12 PM – 10 PM

5. Kachnar Park:

This sprawling park offers a playground with various climbing structures and slides. With ample green space for running and playing, Kachnar Park is a great choice for active families.

AddressI 8/3, I-8, Islamabad
Phone Number (public park)
Opening HoursOpen 24 hours

6. Safa Gold Mall Play Area

This shopping mall houses a dedicated play area for children. Featuring a soft play structure, ball pits, and interactive games, it provides a safe and stimulating environment for little ones while parents enjoy shopping or grab a coffee nearby.

AddressBlue Area
Phone Number(051) 849 5041
Opening HoursMall Timings

Question And Answer

  • What is the best play area in Islamabad for young children?
  • The best play area for young children in Islamabad is the Fatima Jinnah Park. It offers safe, well-maintained playgrounds and ample green space for kids to run around.
  • Which play area in Islamabad has the best facilities for families?
  • Lake View Park is highly recommended for families. It features playgrounds, boating facilities, and picnic spots, making it an ideal family outing destination.
  • Are there any indoor play areas in Islamabad?
  • Yes, Fun City in Centaurus Mall is a popular indoor play area. It provides a variety of games and activities suitable for children of all ages.
  • What are the operating hours of the top play areas in Islamabad?
  • Most outdoor play areas like Fatima Jinnah Park are open from early morning until sunset. Indoor play areas like Fun City usually operate from 10 AM to 10 PM.
  • Is there an entry fee for play areas in Islamabad?
  • Many public parks, such as Fatima Jinnah Park, have free entry. However, indoor play areas like Fun City charge an entry fee based on the activities chosen.


Remember to compare prices (entrance fees and food costs) before your visit. This guide aimed to provide a starting point for your playdate adventures in Islamabad. Explore, compare, and most importantly, have fun creating lasting memories with your children!

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