3 Best Rest Area In Islamabad

Islamabad, Pakistan’s scenic capital city, serves as a gateway to many beautiful destinations. Whether you’re embarking on a northern adventure towards Naran and Kaghan or a southern expedition to Lahore and beyond, a refreshing stop at a rest area is essential for a smooth and enjoyable journey. But with several options along the highways, how do you choose the best one? Fear not, road trip warriors! This guide highlights some of Islamabad’s top-rated rest areas, offering a convenient break with essential amenities.

The ideal rest area caters to your needs. Consider factors like cleanliness, available facilities (washrooms, prayer areas, restaurants), fuel stations, and parking spaces. If you’re traveling with children, playgrounds or green spaces are a plus. Additionally, proximity to your desired route and opening hours are crucial aspects to consider.

Best Rest Area In Islamabad

1. Srinagar Highway Rest Area:

This conveniently located rest area lies along the M-2 Motorway, ideal for those traveling north towards Peshawar or Swat Valley. Srinagar Highway Rest Area offers clean washrooms, prayer areas, a mosque, and a small tuck shop selling snacks and beverages. Ample parking space ensures a comfortable stop for all types of vehicles.

  • Contact Details:
    • Address: Islamabad, Pakistan
    • Opening Hours: Open 24 hours

2. Hakla Rest Area North:

Hakla Rest Area North is a popular stopover for travelers heading towards Lahore or Multan on the M-1 Motorway. This well-maintained rest area boasts clean washrooms, prayer areas, a mosque, a restaurant offering Pakistani cuisine, and a fuel station for refueling your vehicle. Spacious parking allows for convenient breaks for all sizes of vehicles.

  • Contact Details:
    • Address: Hakla Rest Area, North M 1, Islamabad, Pakistan
    • Phone Number: +92 332 5722936
    • Opening Hours: Open 24 hours

3. Rest Area 1:

This basic rest area is situated near the Rawalpindi-Islamabad Expressway, providing a quick pitstop for travelers. Rest Area 1 features clean washrooms and a small parking area. While limited in amenities, it offers a convenient休憩 (xiūxi – rest) spot during your journey.

  • Contact Details:
    • Address: Islamabad, Pakistan

A Final Note:

Islamabad offers a variety of restaurants and cafes along major highways, particularly near exits. Consider exploring these options for a wider selection of food and beverage choices. Additionally, several gas stations along the route often have convenience stores with basic necessities like snacks, drinks, and travel essentials.

Remember, staying safe on the road is paramount. Utilize rest areas to take breaks, stretch your legs, and avoid drowsy driving. With a well-planned itinerary and a stop at these convenient rest areas, your Islamabad road trip is sure to be a relaxing and enjoyable adventure.

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