Top 8 Hijama Center In Islamabad 2024

In the heart of Islamabad, where tranquility meets well-being, lies the answer to holistic health – the Best Hijama Center in Islamabad. Imagine a sanctuary where ancient healing traditions blend seamlessly with modern wellness practices. Nestled in the capital city, this center is not just a place; it’s a journey towards rejuvenation. Whether you’re a health enthusiast or someone seeking a natural remedy, the Best Hijama Center in Islamabad near me offers a haven for revitalization. Let’s embark on a wellness voyage together, discovering the treasures of traditional Hijama therapy right here in Islamabad.

Best Hijama Center In Islamabad

Abu Ayaan Hijama & Ruqyah Center for Men & Women

We are a Hijama (Cupping Therapy) and Ruqyah (Quranic Healing) Centre based in Islamabad F-10 Markaz, situated next to Maroof Hospital. Our dedicated team possesses a unique blend of knowledge, encompassing Quranic healing and Prophetic medicine, led by Abu Ayaan. We offer personalized treatments, assessing individual needs during appointments. Experience the healing power of our services in a tranquil environment. Join us at our conveniently located center for a holistic approach to well-being.

AddressShop 4, Akash Center, behind F-10 Markaz Masjid, next to Maroof Hospital, F-10 Markaz Islamabad, 44000
Phone0317 5403955
HoursClosed; Opens 11 am Wed; More hours detailed below

Islamabad Hijama Clinic

Islamabad Hijama Clinic is a renowned alternative medicine practitioner located in G-11 Markaz, Islamabad. With a notable rating of 4.6 based on 45 reviews, the clinic specializes in cupping therapy, also known as hijama. Led by Dr. Mazhar Ul Haq Malik, an MBBS, MPH, MBA, and RMP with a Higher Diploma in Hijama Therapy from the UK, the clinic offers expert services to both males and females.

AddressShop no 26, third floor, Al-Rehmat Plaza, G 11 Markaz, Islamabad
Phone0321 5150013
WebsiteHijama Clinic
Open HoursOpens at 11:30 am on Wednesdays, closed on other days
Social MediaFacebook

Healing /Capital Hijama Cupping Center

Healing /Capital Hijama Cupping Center is a leading medical clinic in Islamabad specializing in Hijama Cupping therapy. With a remarkable 5.0 rating based on 120 reviews, it has established itself as a trusted center for alternative medicine. Located at office No 19, G_11 Markaz Islamabad, on the second floor of Silver City Plaza, it provides effective therapies for various health concerns. The clinic is open from 9 am onwards every Wednesday. For inquiries or appointments, you can contact them at 0336 3123454. Discover the benefits of Hijama Cupping with the expert services of Healing /Capital Hijama Cupping Center.

AddressOffice No 19, G_11 Markaz Islamabad, Silver City Plaza, Second Floor, G_11 Markaz Islamabad
Phone0336 3123454
Open HoursClosed; Opens 9 am on Wednesdays

Al Nafay Hijama Centers PWD Islamabad Branch

Al Nafay Hijama Centers PWD Islamabad Branch is a top-rated health consultant in Islamabad, providing exceptional Hijama services. With a remarkable rating of 4.8 based on 1,823 reviews, the center ensures a hygienic and air-conditioned environment. They use new imported and disposable Hijama kits, opened in front of customers for transparency. The center is located on the 1st floor near the PWD Main Entrance Barrier of Islamabad Expressway, offering services that control blood pressure, sugar, cholesterol, triglycerides, promoting overall well-being. Visit for a 30-minute session to stay active, fit, and boost your immune system.

WebsiteAl Nafay Hijama Centers
Address1st Floor Sindh Bank Near PWD Main Entrance Barrier, Main PWD Rd, Islamabad, 45710
Phone0324 5246585
Open TimeOpens at 10:30 am on Thursdays, closed otherwise

Rewired Hijama & Ruqyah Centre Islamabad

Rewired Hijama & Ruqyah Centre Islamabad is a leading medical clinic in Islamabad specializing in state-of-the-art hijama services. Founded by Abdul Baseer, a qualified professional with a Level 5 diploma in Health & Hijama from the Therapy Clinic London (UK) and certifications as a Ruqyah Consultant & Qualified Aware Academy Global Life Coach (Australia). The center offers exclusive services under the guidance of internationally qualified hijama therapists. They are dedicated to providing top-notch care and ensure a comfortable experience for both men and women. With separate Baa parda cabins and lady therapists, they cater to diverse healthcare needs.

AddressShop# 1B, Basement, Umar Plaza, ICT, 13-F Kohistan Rd, Islamabad
Phone0333 1117834
WebsiteRewired Centre
Open HoursOpens at 10 am on Wednesdays, closed otherwise
FacebookRewired Hijama and Ruqyah Centre

Al Shifa Hijama Center

Alternative medicine practitioner in Islamabad.

Al Shifa Hijama Center provides traditional Hijama cupping therapy, a natural and effective way to promote health and well-being. Located in Islamabad, the center follows the principles of Sunnah for holistic healing. Offering detox sessions every 3 to 4 months, the center aims to keep individuals healthy, active, and refreshed. With a team of experienced practitioners, Al Shifa Hijama Center is dedicated to preventing and treating various diseases and physical problems through this ancient therapeutic practice.

Open TimeOpens at 10 am on Thursdays, closed on other days
AddressSMDC Office no # 106, 1st Floor, Main Double Road, Soan Gardens Block B, Islamabad, 45710
Phone0346 1061969

Mehboob Hijama Centre | Ladies & Gents Hijama Center Rawalpindi

Mehboob Hijama Centre is a pioneering health center in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, offering specialized Hijama cupping therapy services for both men and women. Combining Islamic tradition with cutting-edge technology, the center provides top-notch health services based on Quranic and Prophetic principles. With a focus on alternative medicine, they excel in detoxification and holistic well-being.

Open TimeOpen until 11 pm
AddressShop # 2, Muhammad Market, Main Range Rd, opposite Askari 11, Cantt, Rawalpindi, Punjab 46000
Phone0336 8412839

Al Farrukh Hijama Center

Al Farrukh Hijama Center, located in Block D, Islamabad, is a leading health consultant specializing in Cupping Therapy (Hijama). With a remarkable 5.0 rating based on 105 reviews, the center is known for its dedication to customer satisfaction. They offer services that contribute to blood purification, brain activation, and positive effects on arteries. The therapeutic benefits include relief from muscle spasms, respiratory issues, and various pains. Operating hours start at 9 am every Wednesday, and the center serves Mohra Bakhtan and nearby areas.

AddressBlock D Islamabad, Punjab 46000
Open HoursOpens at 9 am on Wednesdays, Closed other days
Phone0333 5276702
Popular TimesUsually a little busy at 4 pm


As we conclude our exploration into the world of well-being, it’s evident that the Best Hijama Center in Islamabad is more than just a destination; it’s a commitment to your health. In the heart of Islamabad, this center stands as a beacon of holistic healing, easily accessible to all seeking a path to wellness. The Hijama Center in Islamabad near me is more than a service; it’s a partnership in your journey to optimal health. So, whether you’re a local or just passing through, consider this sanctuary a haven for rejuvenation. Experience the amalgamation of ancient wisdom and modern comfort at the Best Hijama Center in Islamabad, your ultimate wellness destination in the heart of the capital.

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