5 Best Cake Shop In Rawalpindi

Finding the perfect cake shop in Rawalpindi can feel like a daunting task. With so many talented bakers in the city, how do you know where to get the most delightful and beautiful cake for your next celebration? Worry not, cake connoisseurs! This guide curates some of Rawalpindi’s finest cake shops to simplify your search.

Before you embark on your cake adventure, consider these factors: variety of cakes offered (from classic flavors to trendy specialties), pricing, customer service reputation, and any customization options. Do they cater to specific dietary needs or offer custom designs?

Best Cake Shop In Rawalpindi

1. Zainab Cake and Cupcakes

Renowned for their exquisite homemade cakes and cupcakes, Zainab Cake and Cupcakes offers a delightful selection. They specialize in customized creations, ensuring your cake is as unique as the occasion. Their friendly service adds to the delightful experience.

AddressH. No. 21, Street No. 6, Janjua Town, Adyala Rd.
Phone Number0347 9755616
Opening Hours9 AM – 9 PM (Daily)

2. Layers Bakeshop

Layers Bakeshop is a haven for those who appreciate artistic flair alongside delicious flavors. Their cakes are not just delectable treats, but visual masterpieces. From classic cheesecakes to trendy red velvet creations, Layers offers a tempting variety.

AddressMultiple locations in Rawalpindi (e.g., Bahria Phase 4)
Opening HoursVaries by location (Usually 9 AM – 10 PM)

3. De Patisserie Club

If you’re looking for a luxurious cake experience, De Patisserie Club is your answer. Their cakes are crafted with premium ingredients and boast an undeniable elegance. They also offer a decadent selection of pastries and desserts, perfect for completing your celebratory spread.

AddressFifth Rd.
Phone Number(051) 4840737
Opening Hours9 AM – 1 AM (Daily)

4. Good Luck Bakers

A Rawalpindi institution, Good Luck Bakers is a reliable choice for delicious and affordable cakes. They offer a wide variety of flavors and designs, perfect for any occasion. Their friendly staff and convenient location make them a popular option for locals.

AddressAsghar Mall Rd, near Degree College
Phone Number0332 5999007
Opening Hours7:30 AM – 12:30 AM (Daily)

5. Tehzeeb Bakers (Islamabad)

While technically located in Islamabad, Tehzeeb Bakers deserves a mention for their legendary cakes. Renowned for their rich heritage and use of high-quality ingredients, their cakes are a true indulgence. Though a slight commute from Rawalpindi, their exquisite offerings might be worth the trip.

AddressMultiple locations in Islamabad
Opening HoursVaries by location (Generally open all day)


This guide aimed to equip you with a delicious starting point for your cake quest in Rawalpindi. Remember to research, compare prices, and indulge in your sweet tooth! With so many talented bakers in the city, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect cake to make your celebration unforgettable.

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