3 Best Carpenter In Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi, Pakistan’s bustling twin city to Islamabad, pulsates with energy. Amidst the cityscape’s vibrant chaos, skilled artisans breathe life into wood, transforming raw planks into furniture masterpieces and intricate architectural details. Finding the right carpenter in Rawalpindi, however, can be a daunting task. Worry not, wood enthusiasts and homeowners alike! This guide unveils some of Rawalpindi’s finest carpentry talents, ready to help you translate your vision into reality.

From seasoned veterans with generations of expertise to innovative minds pushing the boundaries of design, Rawalpindi’s carpentry scene caters to diverse needs and styles. Whether you seek a craftsman to meticulously restore antique furniture or a modern artist to envision bespoke bookshelves, this list offers a starting point for your carpentry quest. So, grab your blueprints, unleash your creativity, and get ready to collaborate with the magic-makers of wood in Rawalpindi!

Best Carpenter In Rawalpindi 2024

HA Carpentry:

Renowned for their meticulous attention to detail and commitment to quality, HA Carpentry has carved a niche for itself in Rawalpindi’s carpentry landscape. From intricate door carvings to custom-built cabinets, their skilled craftsmen tackle every project with precision and dedication.

Contact Details:

  • Address: Timber market, Shop#22 street #8c, High Ct Rd.
  • Opening Hours: Sunday 8 am–8 pm; Monday – Saturday 8 am–6 pm
  • Contact Number: 0342 4142499
  • Website: https://hacarpentry/.


Combining traditional techniques with modern sensibilities, Carpentrya is a one-stop shop for all your woodworking needs. Their diverse portfolio encompasses kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, doors, LCD racks, and bespoke furniture, all crafted with an eye for both functionality and aesthetics.

Contact Details:

  • Address: H.no E-158 B New Parian.
  • Opening Hours: Sunday 8 am–8 pm; Monday – Saturday 8 am–6 pm
  • Contact Number: 0315 0535708
  • Website: www.carpentrya.com

Faisal Wood Works:

For those seeking a touch of rustic charm in their woodwork, Faisal Wood Works is the answer. Their expertise lies in transforming raw wood into stunning furniture pieces and architectural elements, each imbued with a timeless elegance.

Contact Details:

  • Address: High Ct Rd, opposite to Rizwan CNG.
  • Opening Hours: Sunday 9 am–9 pm; Monday – Saturday 9 am–6 pm
  • Contact Number: 0308 5786045

A Final Note:

This is merely a glimpse into the treasure trove of carpentry talent that Rawalpindi holds. With your vision and the right craftsman by your side, you can transform your dream spaces into reality. So, explore, connect, and collaborate with the skilled hands that bring wood to life, one intricate detail at a time. Rawalpindi’s carpenters await to turn your vision into a masterpiece!

Remember, this list is just a starting point, and it’s always a good idea to get quotes from multiple carpenters before making a decision. Additionally, consider factors like experience, expertise in specific areas, and communication style when choosing the right carpenter for your project.

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