4 Best Chicken Tikka In Rawalpindi

Finding the perfect chicken tikka in Rawalpindi can be overwhelming. With countless restaurants boasting their secret recipes and sizzling grills, how do you choose? Don’t fret, tikka enthusiasts! This guide narrows down your search with a curated list of Rawalpindi’s top contenders.

But before we delve in, consider these key factors:

  • Variety: Do they offer different cuts of chicken (breast, leg) or marinades?
  • Price: Does their menu fit your budget?
  • Customer Service: Is the staff friendly and attentive?
  • Ambiance: Are you looking for a casual or sit-down experience?

Best Chicken Tikka In Rawalpindi

1. Raees Tikka Shop

Raees Tikka Shop is a Rawalpindi legend, renowned for its succulent and flavorful chicken tikka. Their menu offers a variety of cuts and marinades, ensuring something for every preference. The friendly staff and casual atmosphere make it a perfect spot for a satisfying and affordable tikka fix.

Address Qaiser Plaza, Adam Jee Rd, Saddar
Phone Number(051) 5522241
Opening Hours12 PM – 1 AM (Daily)

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2. Bala Tikka House

Another Rawalpindi heavyweight, Bala Tikka House is a must-try for tikka aficionados. This iconic establishment offers not only mouthwatering chicken tikka but also a vast selection of other BBQ options like boti and kababs. Their traditional tandoor cooking method imbues the chicken with a unique smoky flavor.

Phone Number(051) 5170821
Opening Hours12 PM – 1 AM (Daily)

3. Al Sheikh Tikka House

Al Sheikh Tikka House takes pride in its high-quality ingredients and meticulous preparation. Their chicken tikka is marinated to perfection, resulting in a juicy and flavorful experience. While the menu is more concise, they focus on perfecting their signature dishes, ensuring a consistently delicious tikka.

AddressSaidpur Rd, Asghar Mall Chowk
Phone Number(051) 5541540
Opening Hours5 PM – 1:30 AM (Daily)

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4. Munna Tikka Restaurant

Munna Tikka Restaurant caters to both dine-in and delivery cravings. Their menu boasts a variety of marinated chicken tikkas alongside other BBQ options. They offer both leg and breast pieces, allowing you to choose your preferred cut.

AddressMultiple locations in Rawalpindi
Phone NumberVaries by location

Question And Answer

  • Q: “Where can I find the best chicken tikka in Rawalpindi?”
  • A: “Many locals recommend Butt Karahi for its flavorful and juicy chicken tikka.”
  • Q: “What makes a chicken tikka stand out in Rawalpindi?”
  • A: “The perfect blend of spices and the tenderness of the meat are key factors.”
  • Q: “Is there a particular restaurant known for its exceptional chicken tikka in Rawalpindi?”
  • A: “Yes, Food Street in Saddar is famous for its variety of delicious chicken tikka.”
  • Q: “Are there any hidden gems for chicken tikka enthusiasts in Rawalpindi?”
  • A: “Some foodies swear by the small vendors near Committee Chowk for authentic and flavorful chicken tikka.”
  • Q: “What time of day is best to enjoy chicken tikka in Rawalpindi?”
  • A: “Many locals suggest evenings, when the weather is pleasant and the aroma of grilling chicken fills the air.”

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This guide aimed to be your starting point in exploring Rawalpindi’s delectable chicken tikka scene. With a variety of restaurants to choose from, you’re sure to find your perfect match. So, grab some naan, explore these recommendations, and embark on your delicious tikka adventure!

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