5 Best Picnic Points In Rawalpindi

Finding the ideal picnic spot in Rawalpindi can be overwhelming. With sprawling parks, scenic viewpoints, and hidden green havens, choosing the perfect location depends on your desires. Worry not, nature enthusiasts! This guide curates some of Rawalpindi’s finest picnic destinations to suit your needs.

Remember to consider these factors before packing your basket: desired amenities (playgrounds, washrooms), space availability, scenic beauty, and proximity to home. Additionally, some parks cater to families, while others offer a more serene escape.

Best Picnic Points In Rawalpindi

1. Ayub National Park:

This sprawling green haven boasts a variety of attractions, making it perfect for family outings. Enjoy a picnic amidst lush gardens, explore the on-site zoo, or rent paddleboats for a scenic lake ride.

AddressNational Park Road
Phone Number0346-9278782
Opening Hours8:30 AM – 8:30 PM

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2. Jinnah Park:

This historic park offers a charming atmosphere, perfect for a relaxed picnic. Spread your blanket under shady trees, admire the captivating Unity Towers monument, or enjoy a leisurely stroll through the well-maintained gardens.

AddressMushtaq Baig Shaheed Road
Opening Hours6 AM – 12 AM

3. Nawaz Sharif Park:

This scenic park provides breathtaking views of Rawalpindi’s cityscape. Take in the panorama while enjoying a picnic lunch, or explore the walking trails for a touch of exercise.

AddressMurree Road
Opening HoursOpen all hours

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4. Rawal Lake View Park:

Situated near Rawal Lake, this park offers a serene escape with stunning lake views. Relax by the water’s edge, enjoy a boat ride, or simply unwind amidst the picturesque surroundings.

AddressMurree Road
Opening HoursOpen all hours

5. Daman-e-Koh Viewpoint:

For a truly unique picnic experience, head to Daman-e-Koh Viewpoint. This scenic spot offers panoramic views of Islamabad and the Margalla Hills, creating a breathtaking backdrop for your picnic.

AddressAccessible via Murree Road
Opening HoursOpen all hours

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Question And Answer

  • Q: What are some popular picnic spots in Rawalpindi?
  • A: Ayub National Park, Rawal Lake, and Chattar Park are among the top choices for picnics in Rawalpindi.
  • Q: Are there any family-friendly picnic spots in Rawalpindi?
  • A: Yes, Shakarparian, Nawaz Sharif Park, and Jinnah Park offer great amenities and are perfect for family picnics.
  • Q: Which picnic spots in Rawalpindi offer scenic views?
  • A: Rawal Lake View Park and Khanpur Dam are known for their picturesque landscapes, ideal for a scenic picnic experience.
  • Q: Are there any free picnic spots in Rawalpindi?
  • A: Yes, Fatima Jinnah Park and Nawaz Sharif Park are public parks where you can enjoy a picnic without any entrance fee.
  • Q: Can I find barbecue facilities at picnic spots in Rawalpindi?
  • A: Yes, some parks like Ayub National Park and Jinnah Park provide barbecue facilities, allowing visitors to grill their favorite food while picnicking.


This guide aimed to equip you with a starting point for your next Rawalpindi picnic adventure. With its diverse options, Rawalpindi offers a perfect picnic spot for every taste. So, explore, compare, and most importantly, create lasting memories amidst the beauty of nature!

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