Police Station In Rawalpindi

Islamabad’s bustling neighbor, Rawalpindi, offers a variety of police stations to serve its residents. However, with multiple stations spread across the city, choosing the one best suited for your needs can be confusing. This guide simplifies your search by providing details on some of Rawalpindi’s police stations.

Remember, choosing a police station depends on several factors. Consider the location of the station relative to where you need assistance, the type of assistance you require (reporting a crime, obtaining a police report, etc.), and any personal experiences you or others may have had with specific stations.

Police Station In Rawalpindi

1. Police Station New Town

Located conveniently on Javed Iqbal Road, Police Station New Town is known for its helpful staff and extended hours. They offer a variety of services, including filing First Information Reports (FIRs) and general assistance.

Address, 4th Rd.
Phone Number(051) 4423262
Opening Hours24/7

2. Police Station Sadiqabad

Situated on Farooq-e-Azam Road, Police Station Sadiqabad is a central station serving a large area. They are equipped to handle various situations and offer a welcoming environment for those seeking assistance.

Phone Number(051) 9334899
Opening Hours24/7

3. Rawalpindi Cantonment Police Station

For those residing within the Rawalpindi Cantonment area, this specialized station caters to their specific needs. They work closely with the military and offer a high level of security and service.

AddressPolice Station Rd


While this guide highlights some of Rawalpindi’s police stations, it’s important to remember you can also contact the Rawalpindi Police department directly for assistance. They can be reached at the following numbers:

  • SSP Investigation: (051) 9292626
  • SSP Operations: (051) 9292635

For emergencies, always dial 15.

Remember, this guide is a starting point. It’s always wise to research and compare stations based on your specific needs. With a little planning, you can find the Rawalpindi police station best suited to assist you.

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